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Tips on developing personal leadership skills (series 2 – end)


  • Act as a positive example

Being a leader has strong symbolic meaning. As a leader, your signals have greater weight, and a lot of what you do and say is taken notice of, debated, and understood. You have a lot of opportunities to set a positive example for others. In addition to upholding your morals, you can:

    • Feedback should be given and received with your management, coworkers, and staff members.
    • Handle the issues you find yourself in and don’t try to absolve yourself of responsibility by assigning it to someone else.
    • Arrive on time, engage fully, and come prepared for meetings.
    • Exchange information and knowledge.
    • Consider your budget.
    • Handle consumers the way you would like your team of salespeople or customer support agents to handle them.
    • Comply with established guidelines and rulings.
    • Become familiar with and employ the tools and processes that you have committed to using within the company.
    • Show others respect and believe that everyone is valuable.
  • Become more self-aware

Self-aware managers are able to be authentically themselves rather than merely “playing the manager role.” If you don’t know much about yourself, you run the risk of making decisions based only on your wants and your own past, ignoring the needs of others. Another risk is giving in to pressure to modify or expand your workload. One essential component of your leadership is having a strong sense of self-awareness. You must be motivated to understand yourself better in order to become more self-aware. You have to be open to seeing things and challenging your presumptions. You have to be prepared to observe and take notes on any circumstance. As a matter of fact, actively choosing to become more self-aware is the first step.

Observing yourself, your manner, your emotions, and how others react to you on a daily basis—all in a nonjudgmental manner—is one technique to learn more about yourself. You eventually start to see trends and behaviors in both your interactions with others and their interactions with you. Next, if you feel brave enough, attempt to comprehend the reasons and situations that suggest you need to make certain changes in order to advance as a manager (and human being). Regularly asking for comments can help you get a solid sense of how other people see you.

Contributor : MPOWERIAN – M. Nusirwan
Based on: “
Being Manager, Leader and Coach” Practical leadership to help you succeed by Bengt Kallenberg

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